Quick Guide In Installing Truck Bed Tent

If you’re a truck owner, then a truck bed tent is something you’ve likely considered buying as part of your truck bed accessories. Whether you travel to obscure destinations in the woods and want to camp in your own truck bed tent camper, or you simply carry weather-sensitive cargo, a pickup truck bed tent is precisely what you need.

What Is A Truck Bed Tent?

These tents are just like regular camping tents. The difference is they attach to the bed of your truck and some are designed specifically for certain model trucks.

Truck Bed Tent Uses

A pickup truck bed tent has multiple uses. Here are some of the more common functions:

  • Camping

This is the primary use for the truck bed tent camper. You simply install the tent assembly and pull up to any location and you’ll have an instant campground in the bed of your truck.

  • Hauling

For a protective covering, the tent for truck bed or truck bed covers areĀ great options to keep the harsh outdoor elements off of your precious cargo.

Popular Brands Or Distributors

For the most popular brands of the truck bed tent have a look below:

  • Kodiak
  • Sportz
  • Rightline Gear
  • Chevrolet
  • General Motors

How To Install A Truck Bed Tent

Looking to install your own truck bed tent? It isn’t so hard if you follow the printed steps in your owner’s manual.

  • Select a level campsite and lower your truck’s tailgate.
  • Grab the truck bed tent bag and set it on the truck bed. You’ll want to remove the tent and locate the front door; set it facing the rear of the vehicle.
  • Locate all side straps on both sides of the tent. Loosely secure the straps to the underneath portion of the truck body.
  • Find the tailgate straps along the tent floor. Pull these away from the truck bed and tent and attach them to the corresponding strap underneath the truck from the side strap step.
  • Unfold and expand any tent poles that came with your truck bed tent. Truck bed tents will vary but the same logic applies at this step: insert the color-coded support poles into the colored sleeves of your tent. These act as your framework for holding up your tent. Use your owner’s manual as a guide for this step.
  • Insert the pole ends into the pole pockets in the corresponding corners and sides that they terminate. This step may require you to insert the ends of numerous poles into grommets and pockets along the tent perimeter. Without this step, your tent will have no true rigidity against wind or rain. Follow your specific model’s instructions. You may have an interior pole to install into pockets at this stage.
  • Attach all exterior tent pole clips to the tent poles. This keeps your tent and poles snugly attached.
  • Tighten the exterior straps to add firmness to the tent’s material.
  • If your truck bed tent comes with a rainguard, then you must cover your tent with the guard. Use any color-coded straps or velcro ties required, per your owner’s manual, to secure the rainguard to your truck bed tent.

These steps will work on most types of truck bed tent available in the market for the specific pickup vehicles.